Dewey’s Rail

Since we created myWakeUtah, pictures and buzz began to float around about an urban rail/winch set-up on the Westside. As the buzz began to grow I decided it was time for WakeUtah to head west and see what was going on.

“Just go west on 7800 south and the rail is just south of DILL Rental ,” I was told. So I headed west, found Dill Rental and immediately turned south into what looked like some old run down farm land, but to my surprise I turned another corner and found two large pools, a kinked rail, and a Ford Bronco with a winch waiting for riders to determine their fate.

As I got out of the car and realized what was lying before me, it pained me think that my broken leg would render me camera man for the evening. As I took my camera out of the box (I just bought it at Best Buy ten minutes before) I was greeted by riders from Provo to Layton, whom made the journey to what one said was “The Promise Land.” Everyone was a little intimated to hit the rail at first, but as the jitters pasted each person began to find their place on the rail. Not to say the rail did not claim a few victims along the way.

What amazed me the most about the night was how accommodating Dewey and friends were. Everyone who came out got more then their fill of time on the rail and not a single person went home unhappy. Yet I think most went home thinking about what trick they would try on their next journey out to hang with Dewey and his rail.


Riders that night: Brian Bingham , Jeremy Allphin , Brian Allphin , & Brandon Wright.

For more information on how you can hit this rail contact Dewey at .