Tips for saving money at the gas pump

One of our major expenses today is gas so I have done a little research to help save money on gas and get better mpg.

Maintain your vehicle

  1. A vehicle that runs smoothly uses less gas than one that is poorly maintained. Regular oil changes, air filter and other recommended maintenance will all help to give you a fuel-efficient vehicle.
  2. Keep your tires inflated.
  3. Remove excess weight.
  4. Get the right octane for your car. Because of Utah’s higher altitude the air is thinner so you have less volumetric efficiency so you might be able to get away with using lower octane.

How to drive

  1. Minimize idling.
  2. Drive the speed limit or a constant speed.
  3. Use higher gears.
  4. Roll up windows on highway. It creates a strong drag witch will give you worse fuel economy then your ac.
  5. Park in the shade. Hot cars evaporate gas.
  6. accelerate and brake easier
  7. Avoid rush hour
  8. Choose an exit with several gas stations for competitive prices.

When to buy gas

  1. Some people believe that buying gas during the coolest times is best because the gas is denser but most gas is stored in underground tanks where the temp will not change much.
  2. It is best to buy gas Thursday before 10 a.m. because weekend demand for gas is high, so prices start going up for the weekend.

Gas deals

  1. Get a gas card. You can save % on gas with a holiday loyalty card or discover gas card. (Apply for the Discover® Open Road Card today! link goes direct to application)

  2. Get cheaper gas at costco/sams club
  3. Smith’s fuel stations give deals when you purchase groceries.
  4. Chrysler Dodge Jeep 2.99 gas guarantee.