I’m a little Star-Gazed

If you got a chance to check out today’s Deseret News you probably read the section on ‘Boat Basics‘ and I am sure you saw the great picture on how to not do a Railey, by yours truly! So I figured I would take this chance to talk a little about the Air Railey. Someone just this week was talking to me about how the only time a picture like this should show up in a publication, would be when showing how to not do an Air Railey. It is time that we bring back the fun of an Air Railey. When doing a Railey your arms and legs should be strait with your shoulders square to the boat. Sure there are a number of variations to the Raily but one variation that you want the stay away from is what you see to the right, better know as a Star-Gazed Railey. To keep yourself from getting Star-Gazed make sure you start with a progressive edge/cut and hold it all the way up the wake. Coming off your edge too soon is what leads to a Star-Gazed Railey.