Marine Products Boat for the summer, Winner Announced.

Actually the winner is MOM, ALICIA CERVA. Boy there is going to be some sucking up in this family! Alicia is married to TJ Cerva and the couple have 4 children, 2 girls 2 boys. They are Aryn 10 yrs, Ian 12 yrs, Canyon 9 yrs, and Megan 7 yrs old.

The Cervas have been long time customers of Marine Products. TJ hangs out at the store every MONDAY-WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY looking for a free lunch, haha.
Dave Cerva, his Dad, has been a very loyal Liquid Force and Marine Products customer for several years also. When Marine Products have pro riders like Ben Greenwood come in for clinics, Dave is known to buy out the entire day for himself and his friends to attend.

TJ bought his first boat this year, and unfortunately it’s a Correct Craft, so lets wait and see what happens once the family gets wet behind there new LIMITED EDITION LIQUID FORCE SUPRA LAUNCH 22SSV. My bet is that you’ll see a for sale sign sitting atop a Correct Craft in their front yard!

Congrats Cervas Family!