RonixWakeStore Day GiveAway

Rise and shine chicks and bros. All right so hopefully you know a little bit about Ronix Wake. They have a ridiculously great team, baseless heat formed boots, and some lightweight snappy boards. In today’s age it seems the days are getting a little shorter-campfire stories of the perfect session can too easily be replaced by updating your FaceBook.

Not the same on August 12th, this day you need to be sideways. A day to get back to the purity of why we all jumped off the swim deck for the first time, or the adrenaline rush of trying to do the infamous trick that rattled your brain last season. So here is what you gotta do, and you might not like it when the alarm goes off at 5am, but you need to get up at the crack of dawn and hit that untouched piece of glassy water. Make sure your cell phone is no where in sight, laptop, video games and any other modern conveniences are out of mind. Grab a couple of your favorite chums, your SUPRA BOAT, hit the lake and make a day out of it.

Send us your legendary moment. Snap a pic or a video clip (2 minutes max) and email it to us at Write a short story about what you did that day that you have never done in wakeboarding. Our ProShop Judges will pick the top 3 winners, publish you on our website as the winners. 1st place gets a Ronix WakeBoard Deck of there choice. 2nd place gets a Ronix Neoprene Vest, 3rd place receives a Padded MPPS Wakeboard Bag. Remember

Check out the Ronix Wake Store, for all your Ronix Wakeboard Gear.