2012 Monster Wake Up, New Faces, New Course, Same Good Times

Pretty much without disagreement, The Monster Wake Up has become the ‘Go To’ Utah wakeboarding event of the year.  This year was no exception and with huge support from Sponsors like Club Rec, Monster Energy, Liquid Force, Axis Wake & Marine Products the event keeps getting bigger and bigger.

While in some places the low waters levels may be causing issues, for the Wake Up it was a blessing.  The low waters levels at Pineview allowed for a huge beach area and practically a private course for the riders, with near perfect conditions all day.

Thanks to many new teams & groups like the Saratoga Wake Camp & Left Coast LF, we saw many new faces at this years event, including Left Coast LF’s Brad Spencer. Brad lead off the Outlaw division putting together a run that would eventually earn him the win, including landing the first 720 ever in a Utah Wakeboarding competition.



  1. 1. Brad Spencer (Left Coast LF)
  2. 2. Chase Shaw (Hyperlite Utah)
  3. 3. Colton Brockbank (Hyperlite Utah)
  4. 4. Sam Cole
  5. 5. Scott Bagley (Left Coast LF)
  6. 6. Ethan Roberts (Hyperlite Utah)


  1. 1. Trent Longhurst
  2. 2. Tyler Gubler
  3. 3. Blake Montgomery
  4. 4. Caden Handley (Hyperlite Utah)
  5. 5. Ty lon Beach
  6. 6. Jaden Martin


  1. 1. Julie Robinson
  2. 2. Jenacee Jackson Hill (Hyperlite Utah)
  3. 3. Cindy Hurst
  4. 4. Shauna Russell
  5. 5. Kortney Kehl


  1. 1. Randall Timpke
  2. 2. Ryan Higgins
  3. 3. Skyler Peterson
  4. 4. Dustin Boyington
  5. 5. Andrew McCann(tied)
  6. 5. Tanner Reiche (tied)


  1. 1. Tom Peterson
  2. 2. Daryl Peterson
  3. 3. Faith Wray


  1. 1. Jaydon Coates
  2. 2. Jack Gubler
  3. 3. Drake Frankenberry


Thanks to all of our sponsors these athletes went home with thousands of dollars in prizes!!!

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