2012 Surface Tour Cable Wake Comp

Surface Tour 2012

Maverick and Wakeology have teamed up with Red Rock Wake Park to present the 2012 Maverick Surface Tour!

This. Will. Be. The Biggest and Best Cable Wakeboard Competition in the West. Period.

Surface Tour 2012 @Red Rock Wake Park!  09.29.12 NOON – End of Comp.


All riders who pre register will receive a free day pass to RRWP!!!We recommend coming early (Thursday or Friday before the event) to get some practice in before the comp.  Or, just use the pass whenever you want (park open Sunday 9.30.12).



Three Divisions:

Grom – 12 and under (12 and under may also compete in the open division if desired)

Open – Open to anyone

PrOutlaw – Open to anyone, geared towards Pro and Outlaw Riders


Elimination Round Style Competition 

Round 1 Open Division (25 riders)

Round 2 Open Division (10 riders)

Round 3 Open Division (3 riders and 1 winner)


Round 1 PrOutlaw Division (25 Riders)

Round 2 PrOutlaw Division (10 riders)

Round 3 PrOutlaw Division (3 riders and 1 winner)

Schedule of Events:

Comp starts at noon so anyone traveling from Salt Lake, Las Vegas, Etc can leave that morning if necessary.

Noon: R1 Open

Followed by R1 PrOutlaw

Followed by R2 Open

Followed by R2 PrOutlaw


End tour with Best Kicker Event ($10 Registration)



1st PrOutlaw = $500

2nd PrOutlaw = $150

3rd ProOutlaw = $100

1st Open = $100

2nd Open = $75

3rd Open = $50

Best Kicker = $250


For more info and questions please go to: http://surfacetour.net/