Wave Runner Proposal for Wake Utah featuring Dewey’s Rail

A wave runner is essential to grow the sport of wake boarding and we need your help.

Who is Wake Utah

WakeUtah.com is the number one source for wake boarding in the state. We continually strive to introduce people to the sport and help those already involved to progress and get more involved in building the scene. WakeUtah.com has introduced the sport to thousands of people, through rail jams, free meet up and ride events, wake board demo events, and through our interactive web site and social media outlets. Our goal is to provide people with the information they need to participate and get involved in wake boarding. WakeUtah.com is on top of all the major search engines for searches with any combination of words such as Utah and wake boarding. Wake Utah provides our huge network of Utah wake riders all the current information on local events, news, schools and coaching, current conditions on all the surrounding lakes, all the best gear, and much more. We post all the latest developments and allow our strong community of users to post what they know, along with their pictures, videos, and comments on our site and all our social media outlets.

Wake Utah is more than just a website, we have planned events, competitions, and meet ups, at least once a week, for almost every week of the summer. We are hosting the Wake Utah Series tournaments this year with at least four different individual competition days through out the state. Wake Utah is affiliated with the wake board slider project known as Dewey’s Rail, which has been in various media outlets. Multiple local news stories from At Your Leisure, Park City TV, KSL, KUTV, amongst others. Also nationally in wake board magazines and countless web pages, such as, Wakeboarding Mag and Alliance Wake Mag.

The future of wake boarding is rails and sliders

The wake board rail scene here in Utah is blowing up. Wake board rails are the next level in wake boarding. With winches, boats, cable systems, and wave runners we can accomplish great things and invite anyone who is interested an opportunity to try and eventually master rails and sliders. There is only one rail builder with the experience, know how and team to even attempt to push the limits of building rails and hosting competitions, expos and demos. With 10 plus years experience Dewey and his crew have built rails in backyards, lakes, parking lots, expos centers, and a water park wave pool. Dewey is the only one the local riders trust to build a same rail and produce a great show. There is no one else pushing rails in the local market and getting more people to shred them than Dewey.

We are looking for a wave runner sponsor. There are many options and ways we can do this. We have worked with, and had much success with Marine Product and Supra Boats for many years. This gives us the knowledge of making a wave runner sponsorship beneficial for both parties.

By sponsoring us with a wave runner everyone will know that you are an official sponsor/supporter of the local wake board community and you are committed to pushing our sport to the next level. With the immense popularity of wake board rails now is the time to get involved with this aspect of our sport.

What Wake Utah can do for your business

At WakeUtah.com we take care of our sponsors, every event we host and participate in we work to support those who support the scene! Our biggest and greatest asset we can offer to help your business is our web site. Our web site analytics prove that our ad space and links backs to articles our premium.

As a Wake Utah sponsor your brand is our brand. We will promote your brand and company as the top brand on the market and the #1 supporter of wake boarding in Utah. Your sponsorships includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Your brand labeled as the official brand/product of WakeUtah.com
  • Promotional items given out to attendees of our all events
  • Product prizes for Wake Utah hosted contests
  • Ad space on our home page and subsequent pages
  • Custom ads on the community website under HTTP://grou.ps/wakeutah/
  • Premier banner space at all of our rail jam events
  • Inclusion in press releases as a top brand/product in wake boarding
  • Inclusion in press releases as a the #1 supporter of wake boarding
  • Decals of your logo on our towboat and wave runner
  • Digital images for publication on blogs or printed press

This years events

Throughout the year WakeUtah.com hosts several events to help build the scene, and 2011 is only going to be bigger, below is a list of events, competitions and rail jam we have planned for 2011. This list is only the events we have planned as on right now. Many more will be added including; product demos, free rides, impromptu rail jams, skate sessions, surf sessions, and countless others. There will be a rail or slider to hit at most of the below listed events.

  • Hyperlite Spring Ride
  • Fire on the Water
  • Monster Wake-Up Competition
  • Wake in the Woods Competition
  • Last Chance to Podium
  • Practice pulls for all wake board competitions and rail jams in Utah
  • Weekly meet up and ride events
  • Slider School
  • Dewey’s Rail Jam
  • Judging clinics, Learn to Win competitions
  • Shadowbox mini contests
  • WakeUtah.com Championship Competition

All information copyright Utah Wake Inc, WakeUtah.com, DeweysRail.com

For more pics and video of Dewey’s Rail in action please visit:

Deweys Rail Jam II video by DFTR Josh

Deweys Rail Jam 2 from WakeLV on Vimeo.

WakeUtah.com Water Park Rail Jam from WakeUtah on Vimeo.