IWA First Competition Results

Beginner Wyatt Hargraves Gary Banner Morgan Dickerson Darian Bateman Hayden Hargraves Don Read Women Autum Shelton Melissa Yamasiro Katie Read Sady Wadsworth Harley Wadsworth Intermediate Jonny Merrihew Taylor Bennston Caden Hanley Skyler Bension Ryan Lewis Parker Tuttle Advanced Travis Sprenger Tyler Beach Sam Weldin Brady Ward Quin Stevens Zach White Outlaw Andrew Wallace Braxton Tomlinson Scott Bagley Ryan Webster Colby Shelton … Read More

IWA Yuba Competition / Practice Runs

The practice runs the night prior to the event were a bust, not for lack of riders though, the gusts of wind were horrible, only one rider was able to get out before we called it no good, and they kept blowing till the sun went down. Probably the most beneficial part of having the WakeUtah.com team out there was … Read More