Almost time!

As the weather changes back and forth from semi warm to cold and back to semi warm, I start to get the itch to get out on the water.  I realized today as I was on my morning commute that I needed to put on my sunglasses, it then occured to me; Sunglasses in the morning?  It’s almost time to … Read More

I broke the Photo Galleries ???

So some how I manged to break the photo galleries, SORRY!  The good news is they will be fixed when we launch the new site.  That’s correct we have a new site being built and as soon as the smoke clears in the lab we will introduce it to the public.  In fact we got a lot of stuff in … Read More

Salt Lake City is the #1 Wakeboard City, says Google!

I was doing some research yesterday on google trends, which shows search statistics based on keywords and location, and was excited to see that Salt Lake City is the number 1 city when it comes to the terms wakeboarding and wakeboard.  Maybe that is because we all spend the off season searching google for our wakeboard fix, either way kind … Read More

Vote on Video for X-dance Contest

So we decided we would let the you the community pick the winner of the X-Dance Video Contest. All you have to do is vote for the videos you like and the video with the highest rating at the end of the contest is the winner. Below is a video explaining how to vote for your favorite submissions. To see … Read More