Salt Lake City is the #1 Wakeboard City, says Google!

I was doing some research yesterday on google trends, which shows search statistics based on keywords and location, and was excited to see that Salt Lake City is the number 1 city when it comes to the terms wakeboarding and wakeboard.  Maybe that is because we all spend the off season searching google for our wakeboard fix, either way kind … Read More

WakeUtah Wakeboard Tips with Park City TV

Team Wake Utah recently had the opportunity to ride with Park City TV for a segment about ‘Wakeboard Tips’. With the help of local riders; Ward White, Phil Chadwick, Marc Glover, and WakeUtah’s own James Kleinschnitz, we were able to film three separate pieces. During this session we worked on the heel side wake jump, backside 180’s, and the heel side front flip (View … Read More