Why Advertise/Sponsor WakeUtah?

There are many other online publications with which
you could sponsor/advertise with, so why choose WakeUtah?
WakeUtah has proven over the past few years to be the ultimate
resource for everything Wakeboarding in Utah. Don’t take our
word for it, go to any of the major search engines, search for Utah
combined with the word wakeboard, wakeboards, or wakeboarding
and you will fi nd WakeUtah in at least in the top 5 results if not
the top result. There is no other site on the web that can give you
more exposure to the Utah Wakeboarding scene then WakeUtah.

Available Sponsorships

Below is a list of sponsorship opportunities offered by WakeUtah,
however will are open to creating a custom sponsorship opportunity
that fi ts both our business needs. All advertising rates are in
US dollars. Rates are subject to change without notice.

Gold Sponsorship ($200/year)

Only 4 Gold Sponsorships will be available!
For those advertisers that want to make the strongest possible
impression, WakeUtah offers a unique opportunity to place their
name and logo, along with a link to their website, on every page
of the WakeUtah website.
A WakeUtah Gold Sponsor will have their ad image placed in a
special promotional column on the right side of each page on
Gold Sponsorship Content Links

An additional feature offered to
retail shops that purchase a Gold Sponsorship is the option to
have specific content from our site linked to anywhere on their.
For example in an article on the site talked about the best wakeboard
rope, we would link the words ‘wakeboard rope’ to your
sites wakeboard rope section. Why is this valuable? Relevant
Keyword Content Linking is one of the best ways to improve your
sites search engine rankings. This option is only available to Gold

Silver Sponsorship ($50/year)

This is similar to the Gold Sponsorship with the same ad
size on the right of the page, but ad position is shared/rotated with
other Silver Sponsorship advertiser. 


Banner Image Dimensions & Formats

WakeUtah accepts GIF, JPG, & PNG formatted images.
Right Side bar image (Gold/Silver/Bronze) will be restricted to a
140 pixels by 60 pixels box, and the image file must be no larger
then 20k. The top rotating banner ad that is only available to gold
sponsors will be restricted to a 468 pixels by 60 pixels box, and
the image file must be no larger then 30k. Please feel free to
contact us if you need assistance creating for ad images.

Contest Sponsorship

Periodically WakeUtah will put on contests to give
WakeUtah visitors a chance win some great prizes. There is
no better way to get visitors involved than by offering them free
wakeboarding equipment and gear. WakeUtah offers you the
opportunity to familiarize WakeUtah’s visitors with your products
by encouraging you to provide equipment for these contests. In
exchange, WakeUtah promotes the your name and product in
connection with the contest, in press releases and includes your
name and products on the relevant WakeUtah contest pages.


WakeUtah is more then happy to pass out SWAG or
demo/promote products from any of our sponsors;
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