Get in X-Dance Video Contest

Last year many of you turned out to the premier of Transgression at X-Dance, the movie was a hit, a great wake boarding flick! And X-Dance was a great venue for the movie too, the action sports film festival that runs the same time as the Sundance Film Festival. The X-Dance theme gave us an idea, why now ask if they would host a contest for short films and have our community vote on the best films, the film with the highest votes gets an automatic entry at X-Dance. Little did we know, would be in our hands a few months later. So here we are, we have been in contact with the guys at X-Dance and they have given us their support for the idea. Now it’s up to the community, There are some great videos on our videos section, now is your chance to step into the film director role and submit your best short film for your chance to be in X-Dance!!!

Once your video has been uploaded, the community can vote on their favorites and the one with the highest votes will be submitted to our contact at X-dance and will be a part of the film festival.

That’s it, get all your wake boarding friends, family and neighbors on to vote and upload their best video too. Good luck, I have seen some great films in our videos section and I know some of these films will be awesome!

All videos must meet the submission requirements set by X-Dance, see for more details.

Get your cameras rolling and fine tune your editing skills for this great opportunity!!! Submissions must be in before mid October.

X-Dance is January 17-21, 2009 in Salt Lake City.

Sponsorship opportunities available! Please Contact Us