As seen on Wake World brings us “The Latest in Wake” (news). ‘ Water Park Rail Jam’. (To view the full article click here, or link above) If you are a Wake World viewer and rider, welcome. Please, feel free to browse around and check out the Utah riding scene. Click on the various pictures and videos to see more of what we are … Read More

Dewey’s Rail Jam II Recap

For some it started with a four drive from Vegas, while others made the 2 hour drive from Salt Lake, but once you got to Delta everyone had the same goal, to conquer the sixty foot rail that stood perched outside of the Webster’s house. Those who decided to come up the night before were rewarded with a night session … Read More

WakeUtah’s Featured Rider (July): Ryan Webster

July’s featured rider is Ryan Webster, Ryan Webster has been on the scene wakeboarding for a few years and is always progressing, both himself and the sport. An eager rider who does it for the love of wakeboarding, Ryan makes residence in Delta, Utah where he lives on “The Res” with his family who are extremely supportive of not only … Read More

You, On a shirt???

Last spring went through an overhaul, things were said, agreements were made, and people got involved! You have all seen the changes we have been making, improving the site, finding deals for us poor wakeboarders, and being the best source of information about what is happening in the wakeboarding world in Utah. Those are the things you have seen … Read More

Winch Spots

After having run the Pulldozer winch all last summer out at Deweys Rail I have found a great fondness for winch riding. Last year we took the winch out to some pretty sweet spots. The Alphin Brothers hooked us up with a waterfall winch spot out by Layton which was a great place to do some winch wakeboarding where it … Read More

Dewey’s Rail in Wakeboarding Magazine

In the new, June ’08 Wakeboarding Magazine, you will want to turn straight to page 84 and 85. This is “The Spot” page in the ‘Pulse’ section. This month Wakeboarding Magazine did a story about my last years rail set-up in West Jordan, Utah. “Dewey’s Rail, Utah.” Huge thanks from Dewey goes to the West Coast Editor of Wakeboarding Magazine, … Read More