You, On a shirt???

Last spring went through an overhaul, things were said, agreements were made, and people got involved! You have all seen the changes we have been making, improving the site, finding deals for us poor wakeboarders, and being the best source of information about what is happening in the wakeboarding world in Utah. Those are the things you have seen so far, we have some things in the works that will bring our community of wakeboarders together.

Part of the change is the merchandise section provided in part by, where you can find some sweet shirts, hats and mugs. We went with because of the ability given to the customer, that’s you, to customize the shirt to your liking! You can move the logo around the front, put in on the chest pocket area or delete it all together. Once you have your design, you can change the type of shirt, maybe you want it as a hoodie, or a sweater, it’s all good! You may have seen Dewey and I at the meet up events, practice runs, and IWA competitions in our stylish shirts.

The images on the back were taken from photos I took over the past few years attending events such as the Wake In the Snake of 2007, Deweys Rail Jam of 2007, and the Liquid Force Slider Show of 2006. Recently we released the first local rider edition t-shirt, the Marc Glover Edition. Marc was our featured rider for June, and in honor of his accomplishments I asked for a photo that I could use to put him on the shirt. He provided a picture of him kicking some mad air, railey style. After hours of working my magic, he is now on a shirt.

So I figured, why not offer this to others who have a killer profile shot of them doing a sick move, like Marc’s railey, and put it on a shirt at! That is the game plan, if you have a picture, you think would look great on a shirt, email me,, and I will work some magic and create your own edition of the t-shirt!