Gear-up at the Boat Show

The Utah Boat Show is quickly approaching, it’s a great opportunity to check out the new advancements in boating and buy a new ride for the upcoming season, and why not buy at the boat show, often times the price tags are slashed dramatically, you have a selection of dealers from all over the valley and with the abundance of … Read More

2008 Wake in the Snake Results

Grom Dexton Wallace Nate Stover Darian Bateman Beginner Zac Kane Morgan Winchester Travis Terry Intermediate Daniel Barger Dylon S Taylor Benson Women Jenacee Jackson Brooke Bagley Nikki Willhoite Advanced Travis Sprenger Chance Bird Jenacee Jackson Outlaw Dave Bagley Braxton Tomlinson Andrew Wallace Double Up contest pictures: Main Event Pictures: Photo Gallery

You, On a shirt???

Last spring went through an overhaul, things were said, agreements were made, and people got involved! You have all seen the changes we have been making, improving the site, finding deals for us poor wakeboarders, and being the best source of information about what is happening in the wakeboarding world in Utah. Those are the things you have seen … Read More

Saratoga Springs Competition Results

Women 1. Jenacee Jackson 2. Brooke Bagley 3. Nikki Whilhoite 4. Tyler Dever 5. Sam Martinson 6. Danon Bateman Beginner 1. Ryan Mcbride 2. Buddy Nemeschy 3. Jeff Rasmussen 4. Kevin Barney 5. Dalton Hall 6. Parker Tuttle Intermediate 1. DC Bateman 2. Trevor Palmer 3. Kell Manis 4. Mike Hargratez 5. Nate Workman 6. Taylor Benson Advanced 1. Kolton … Read More

IWA Yuba Competition / Practice Runs

The practice runs the night prior to the event were a bust, not for lack of riders though, the gusts of wind were horrible, only one rider was able to get out before we called it no good, and they kept blowing till the sun went down. Probably the most beneficial part of having the team out there was … Read More

IWA Yuba Results

Women Jenacee Jackson Brook Bagley Nikki Willhoite Beginner Tim Goalen Nick Cordan Ryan Mcbride Intermediate Ethan Farnes Taylor Benson Jake Bischoff Advanced Cody Wright Ethan Roberts Jenacee Jackson Matt Brady Quin Stevens Colton Hernstreet Outlaw Andrew Wallace Ryan Webster Marc Glover Scott Bagley Kaden Tomlinson Tyrell Farnes