Utah Cable Project

In case you have not heard a group in Utah County that is looking to bring a cable park to Utah Lake.  They will be be meeting with the State of Utah to discuss the project on March 23.  They are asking people to join The Utah Cable Project Facebook Group as a way of showing support for the project, … Read More

Almost time!

As the weather changes back and forth from semi warm to cold and back to semi warm, I start to get the itch to get out on the water.  I realized today as I was on my morning commute that I needed to put on my sunglasses, it then occured to me; Sunglasses in the morning?  It’s almost time to … Read More

WakeUtah Wakeboard Tips with Park City TV

Team Wake Utah recently had the opportunity to ride with Park City TV for a segment about ‘Wakeboard Tips’. With the help of local riders; Ward White, Phil Chadwick, Marc Glover, and WakeUtah’s own James Kleinschnitz, we were able to film three separate pieces. During this session we worked on the heel side wake jump, backside 180’s, and the heel side front flip (View … Read More

July 24, 2008 East Canyon IWA Results & Photos

Grom Hayden Hargraves Harlee Wadsworth Alex Coop Eathen Bagley Beginner Micheal Weeks Parker Tuttle Ryan McBride Braden Brockbank Wyatt Hargraves Sadie Wadsworth Intermediate Ethan Farnes Quinn Clyde Justin Olsen Nick Cordon Taylor Benson Cole Barone Girls Jennacce Jackson Nickie Willhoite Brittnee Clifford Advanced Ward White Ethan Roberts Morgan Tackett Chance Bird Kolton Barney Matt Brady Outlaw Dave Bagley Andrew Wallace … Read More

WakeUtah in Daily Utah Chronicle

Found an interesting story about the Utah Wakeboarding scene in the Daily Utah Chronicle, check it out here. Thanks for the shout out.

A quick peak at the Nautique

As we where heading down to our practice sessions last Friday we made a quick stop off at American Fork Harbor to take a pull behind the new Super Air Nautique 230 with some of the guys from Croft Marine. If you have not taken a look at the new Air Nautique’s I recommended it. The new interior design has … Read More