A quick peak at the Nautique

As we where heading down to our practice sessions last Friday we made a quick stop off at American Fork Harbor to take a pull behind the new Super Air Nautique 230 with some of the guys from Croft Marine. If you have not taken a look at the new Air Nautique’s I recommended it. The new interior design has a lot to offer. Starting with the walk through swim platform all the way up to the play pen style bow. The next thing you notice is the ton of storage room and the numerous seating configurations. I like how you can can set up a lot of rear face seating. As Dewey jumped in the water to take a session behind the fully weighted down Nautique I took the wheel. As I hit the throttle the boat quickly got up to plane and the ‘Zero-Off‘ GPS cruise control took over. I was impressed with how well the Zero-Off held the speed with very little change. After playing with everything inside the boat I was excited to take the wake for a spin. I have ridden behind Air Natiques in the past as was expecting to get the same steep wakes that I had seen before, but this was not the case. The wake still has a ton of girth to it (even in Utah Lakes 5ft of water), but the new Nautique throws a clean wake with enough transition to be a comfortable launch pad for any level of rider. The real test would be to see how this wake shapes out in deeper water.

Overall you will find that the new Air Nautique has a lot to offer, and despite this being the first year Croft Marine has carried Nautique, they are very knowledgeable and eager to answer any questions you can throw at them. Don’t take my word for it, head down to Croft Marine and check one out for yourself. Croft will be out at American Fork Harbor a few Fridays this summer giving a pull to whomever is interested. Also make sure to keep an eye on WakeUtah for a chance to ride behind the new Nautique during a meet up session in the near future.