Utah Wakeboard Community Video Project

With the winter months in full swing and the Utah Wakeboard scene being quiet, WakeUtah Utah is experimenting with a new style of project to help pass the time.  Introducing the Utah Wakeboard Community Video Project .  Thanks to the people over at Kaltura who will provide the technology to allow us to create a community wakeboard video.  Here is how it works; go to WakeUtah’s page over at Kaltura, from there anyone can sign up for a membership and add clips to the Utah Wakeboard Video Project.  You can add clips from youTube or your computer.  With all the clips that you submit the editors of the project will create a final video.  If you would like to be a video editor please contact me (contact@wakeutah.com).  When all is said and done we hope to have a sweet video of all the local talent.  Please submit all the videos clips of Utah Wakeboarding & Wakeskating that you would like.  We took some clips from the videos posted on myWakeUtah and put them together to give everyone an idea of what is to come.  This video will only be as good as the effort the Utah Wakeboard Community puts into it.  If anyone has any questiojns or suggestions please send us an email, contact@wakeutah.com.  We are excited to see the results of this project.

*if anyone is interested in sponsoring this project and would like to have a spot featured in the final cut of the video project please contact us. 

 *A thread has been created on the myWakeUtah Forums to discuss the project .