Malibu Demo Day Wrap Up

While the conditions weren’t the best, it was nice to get back in a boat and chill with some friends, on Saturday Taylors Boats did their part in the Malibu Demo Days event. A nice bbq and rides on their 2008 line of boats. Though the weather didn’t cooperate, the out side temp on the lake was 57 degrees, with the high winds blowing white caps on the lake, then to top it off our demo boat driver dipped the bow on the first turn and sent a solid sheet of frigid lake water down on all the passengers, maybe we shouldn’t have told him we were from WakeUtah…

Adam Loumis was the only one brave enough to try out the water, but only after suiting up in a wet suit AND a dry suit. After spending 3 months in Maui he decided he would try surfing behind the boat, and did a pretty good job too, though the water didn’t make it easy to get a consistent speed and a good wake for surfing he gave it his best. These Malibu’s look great, if conditions were better it would have been nice to catch a wake behind that beast, maybe Taylors Boats will be nice and provide another demo day for the members of Here are some pictures of the day.

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