What is a Meetup?

If you have browsed around WakeUtah lately you have seen that we are planning a number of events the we refer to as ‘Meetups.’ So what is a Meetup? A Meet up is a type of informal event, focused around any given activity. Meetups help people:

  • Find others in their area who share their interests
  • Learn, teach, and share things
  • Make friends and have fun
  • Rise up, stand up, unite, and make a difference
  • Be a part of something bigger—both locally and globally

In our case a WakeUtah Meetup will be focused around bringing wakeboarders together in one central place to hangout, ride, meet other riders, and just generally have a good time on and off the water. At our Meetup’s we will have our Official Boat for everyone to ride behind, but we invite others to bring their boat out to share in the good time. We we also be working with a number of different sponsors to bring the latest gear for everyone at the Meetups to try.

There are no requirements or skill level restrictions for riders who want to participate in a Meetup. Our main goal for these Meetups is to foster an environment where riders can come and progress in a comfortable and friendly environment.

We plan to have Meetups at as many different places in Utah as possible, because of the diversity of locations each Meet up will be structured a little different. All details about a particular Meetup will be posted on WakeUtah at least a couple of days in advance, but you can always see what we have in the works by visiting the Events Calendar

Please contact us or add a comment below, with any questions regarding WakeUtah Meetups. Also if anyone would like us to demo a product or pass swag out at a Meet up please contact us as well.

First WakeUtah Meetup is tentatively scheduled for May 30 at Utah Lake. Check back soon for more information…