Winch Spots

After having run the Pulldozer winch all last summer out at Deweys Rail I have found a great fondness for winch riding. Last year we took the winch out to some pretty sweet spots. The Alphin Brothers hooked us up with a waterfall winch spot out by Layton which was a great place to do some winch wakeboarding where it has never been done. Later that year Dewey and I took the winch out to Payson lakes, which are “no motor boat” lakes; mostly it’s just inflatable boats for fishermen. We brought along a floater rail and sessioned that for a while. All the people who watched thought it was pretty sweet, except the park hosts who promptly called the Sheriff to put an end to it. The funny thing about it was when the Sheriff showed up, he took one look at what we were doing and said, “they aren’t doing anything illegal” and drove off.

So here is the deal, I want to see your best winch spot idea. I know there are some great spots out there, I have seen a few, but I know with this community we can find some epic locations. If your spot is that epic spot, let’s get a group of people together and hit it, maybe put some rails out there and ride till we the sun comes down.

So here are some guidelines:

1. Look at length, I would say not less than 150 feet but not more than 250 feet total. Keep in mind the pools and rail at the boat show are generally 170 feet total. You don’t want to have to pull the handle too far after each ride.

2. Accessibility, we need a place to put the winch and a place to start. Also keep in mind that the winch is HEAVY! So if we have to haul it up and down hills the spot had better be worth it!

3. Rails, land gaps or drops, always add to the experience. I think one of these is required, or at least a spot for a rail, I think Dewey has some if there is a place for it.

So get out there, snap some shots or some video of that spot and post it, let’s see what we can come up with! Tag it with Winch and I will add it to the “Winch Spots” Album and see what we come up with!