WakeUtah’s Featured Rider (June): Marc Glover

Marc Glover is an enthusiastic young rider who is consistently rising amongst the local scene. He has won and placed in countless different events; including placing third, outlaw division, at the most recent IWA stop at Yuba, and first place in the 19 and under category at Idaho’s first rail jam, Wake in the Park, put on by Idaho Watersports. He also took home first prize in the IWA point series, advanced division, last year. Marc is an extremely nice guy who loves the sport of wakeboarding and is always ready to take a pull. Glove is a universal rider who can throw down and progress behind any boat or winch, including my own.

Glove has mad skills and a clean style on the wake and on sliders. Behind the boat, you might first notice his huge raley. Marc likes to get upside down with all sorts of tantrums, backrolls, scarecrows, toe side rolls, roll to reverts, and who know how many more. He can also spin in many different ways; backside 180’s, front and backside 3 heel and toe sides adding a slob and mute grab, a 540 or two, and even a switch 3. It doesn’t stop there, along with all this awesomeness Glove will throw in a grab on many, if not all, of these tricks.

Marc brings the awesome to slider sessions as well. No matter what rail creation he is hitting, whether it be mine, a competition, or a gnarly, Brothers Allphin, home brew set up usually with a huge gap, Glove can throw down something fierce. Clean board and lip slides will usually start Marc’s session. He doesn’t mess around too long before pulling out different 3 combinations, 5’s, and beyond, spinning both ways of course. Then comes the illusive 270 on, and many other stylish moves, and spins.

Check out Marc’s videos, send him a message, then call him up to have a session. With his deep bag of tricks and winning personality you will not be disappointed. Keep an eye on what Marc Glover will be doing this season and beyond. Stay tuned to WakeUtah for all the latest and greatest that will come from this outstanding local rider. – Great job Glove! Keep up the good times.


Name – Marc Glover

Age – 18

Sponsors – UWS, Reef, Rockwell, WakeUtah

Board Set Up – LF PS3 137, LF Ultra Bindings, Goofy

Hobbies other than wake sports – Woodwhacking

Biggest Accomplishments – 3rd Outlaw at the IWA Yuba stop, 1st Advanced IWA Point Series 2007, 1st Wake in the Park rail comp.

Goals this Season – Tootsie Roll, Toeside Raley

Favorite Pro and Local Riders – Ben Greenwood, The Brothers Allphin

Favorite Trick to watch and perform – Crow Mobe, Heelside Back 180 to blind and Toeside Mute 3

What is it about wakeboarding? Getting to business while riding

What do you like about the local scene? The WakeUtah community

Who do you ride with? Anyone with a boat or winch, usually, Kolton Barney, Colton Brockbank, The Brothers Allphin, Dewey