Dewey’s Rail takes it to the park

Most of us are sun worshippers. When it’s raining and the wind is blowing, the lakes are not in the best condition. When a storm comes, with any chance of magnitude, most are tying down yard furniture and closing windows. I choose to use my time building rails, just for the opportunity that arises about once a year. Multiple parks around the valley will get backed up, and flood. This begins the park session.

If it starts to rain and puddles grow big enough to ride, make sure to look for Dewey’s Rail, and the WakeUtah crew.

If you know of a possible winch site feel free to contact, email ( or call me anytime so we can set up a session. (801) 706-6820. For more info on a suitable location check out the story a little way down this very page.

For a complete story, a list of riders, and many more pictures, check out