July 23 East Canyon Zotes Practice Session [Update]

The WakeUtah crew will be on hand Weds Afternoon July 23, starting around 2:30 pm to pull practice sessions at East Canyon before the IWA Tournament on Thurs July 24. We will be pulling with a Supra, so come get use to the wake before your tournament run on Thurs. We will do our best to give everyone who comes out a ride. We will be picking riders up from the main dock as you enter the park, just look for the WakeUtah banners. Please feel free to bring your friends, we will pull as many people as possible until it is dark and we retire to our campsites. We will have plenty of Zotes Sunflower Seeds on hand so make sure to give all the flavors a try. If you have any questions send an email here, as cell phone reception up at East Canyon can be hit or miss.