Dewey’s Rail Jam II Recap

For some it started with a four drive from Vegas, while others made the 2 hour drive from Salt Lake, but once you got to Delta everyone had the same goal, to conquer the sixty foot rail that stood perched outside of the Webster’s house. Those who decided to come up the night before were rewarded with a night session that went till around 2 am. After starting a fire on the beach and throwing a couple of spotlights on the rail, it just seemed too good of a setting to pass up. It was one of the best rail sessions I have been at. After a quick nights sleep under the stars it was time to start the competition. After talking with the riders we decided to run head to head brackets with each rider getting three hits at the rail. After everyone got a chance to hit the rail and try all the different flavors of Zotes Sunflower Seeds, it came down to a show down between Ethan Roberts, Marc Glover, & Ryan Webster. Despite some really impressive attempts by Ethan & Marc it was Webster’s consistency that got him first place.  Altogether the event made for some perfect footage for everyone who is getting stuff put together for the ‘Get into X-Dance Contest.’


1. Ryan Webster

2. Ethan Roberts

3. Marc Glover

Thanks to the Webster’s for letting everyone come down and crash their back yard and to all the sponsors: Zotes Sunflower Seeds, Fred’s Marine, Utah Water Sports, D.F.T.R.

Next Rail Jam Sept 5th Seven Peaks Wave Pool, stay tuned this one is going to be hot.