WakeUtah Wakeboard Tips with Park City TV

Team Wake Utah recently had the opportunity to ride with Park City TV for a segment about ‘Wakeboard Tips’. With the help of local riders; Ward White, Phil Chadwick, Marc Glover, and WakeUtah’s own James Kleinschnitz, we were able to film three separate pieces. During this session we worked on the heel side wake jump, backside 180’s, and the heel side front flip (View videos below).



Backside 180’s



Heel side wake to wake jump



Heelside front flip




If you have a suggestion of a tip you would like to see, or would like to help, please drop us a line for a chance to see it in an upcoming episode. Stay tuned to Utah’s own ‘High Altitude Entertainment’ station, Park City TV, for more ‘Wakeboard Tips’ with WakeUtah, coming soon. Make sure to show the love and support to Park City TV through emails and comments on these videos so we can keep this feature a regular event.

Huge thanks to Ori, and all the crew at PCTV who were involved with this project. Appreciation goes out to Taylor at Utah Water Sports for the use of one of their MasterCraft X-Stars. We would also like to recognize the riders for showing us all how it’s done.