The INT League Comes to Utah!

If you have been involved in any kind of amateur wakeboard tournaments, then chances are that you have heard of the INT League.   In 1993 Rick Stocks had the idea to host a waters ports competition that anyone could compete in and not be intimidated.  Since then the INT League has grown to over 20 states and includes all the latest water sports including wakeboarding.
This year will mark the first year that wakeboarders in UTAH will be able to compete in a local INT Event.  Wakeboarders of all skill levels will have two chances to impress the INT judges and earn an invitation to the US Championships in Bakersfield, CA.
To get ready for the Utah INT tournaments you first must purchase an INT Membership.  This membership is good for all INT competitions nation wide.  Next determine what division you want to register for.  There are many options when it comes to wakeboard divisions in the INT:

Once you know what division you want to enter head over to the INT website and register for the event.  Then we recommend downloading the 2009 rules & guidelines, so that you can become familiar with the format of the INT.  For wakeboarders we recommend reading pages 6-7,26-27,30,33-36.  Another rule to point out is that HELMENTS WILL BE REQUIRED!!!!
This year the Utah INT will be sponsored by Supra Boats, Marine Products Pro Shop,  Company Wake, Rockwell Watches, Rev3 Energy Drink, & Wakeology  So you know there will be some sweet prizes for the winners.
The first INT competition will be held on May 30 in St George, UT.  Practice sessions will be held the night before for $10, behind the same boat that you will ride behind in the next day.  The picture below shows where the coarse will be setup.


This tournament will be a great way to start the 09 Utah wakeboard season.  If you want to find another rider to car pool with then jump on and make a post in this forum thread.