Monster Wake Up at Pineview Results

Here are the results of the competition sponsored by Monster Energy Drink, Check back soon for a recap of how went!

  1. Parker Tuttle
  2. Wyatt Hargraves
  3. Tyler Roberts
  4. Jocy Lyons


  1. Kenneth Russell
  2. D.C. Bateman
  3. Austin Johnson
  4. Cody Beus


  1. Travis Sprenger
  2. Chase Shaw
  3. Ethan Roberts
  4. Tylon Beach
  5. Blake Montgomery


  1. Nikki Wilhoite
  2. Melissa Yamashiro
  3. Kylee Walker
  4. Darian Bateman


  1. Braxton Tomlinson
  2. Andrew Wallace
  3. Ryan Webster (Bug)
  4. Cole Wadsworth
  5. Scott Lyons

Best crash:

Jonn Merrihew

Double Up:

Cole Wadsworth

Thank you Monster Energy Drink for working so hard to get the awesome venue of Pineview!