What is a HUCKFEST?  Well it is just like it sounds, a new kind of event that uses a ‘JAM’ format and promotes riders to go big and push themselves to new limits behind a Supra towboat.  Thanks to the latest technology inside, The ShadowBox, we will be able to measure how high & long riders jump, how fast they spin and even how hard they cut.  The SHADOWBOX HUCKFEST will be held early afternoon during the Fire on The Water event at Jordanelle State Park.  We will be setup below the ‘Beach House’ near the ‘ADA Docks’ registration will begin around 10am, CASH Only PLEASE.  After the SHADOWBOX HUCKFEST be sure to stick around for all the Fire on The Water Activities.  SPONSORS: Marine Products, ShadowBox, Supra, XBalm, Discrete Headwear, Oakley, & Wake Utah

There is a rumor that Dewey is setting up a jib/winch sesh and I am sure he will let anyone who helps setup/take-down ride it.   Email Dewey if you are interested.

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