2011 Hyperlite Meltdown was UnStoppable

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As 10am approached Saturday morning everything started falling in line and it looked like we had picked a perfect day to start the 2011 Utah wakeboarding season with the Hyperlite Meltdown.  The sun was shining (finally) the wind was calming down and we had two weighted down Supras sliding off the trailers.  As the crowds began to form and riders took turns trying the new Hypelite System Bindings and the 2011 Hyperlite Wakeboards, it turned out that not everyone was stoked on the event.  If you have not had a chance to read Mantua, UT Wikipedia Page you will not be surprised to find out that 50% of the towns revenue comes from the fines distributed by the two Mantua Police Officers, and with close 200 people in attendance Mantua’s finest set out to do what they do best.  As the crowd grew and riders lined the docks waiting for their turn to demo Hyperlite Gear,  Mantua officers where salivating at the opportunity to write some tickets and shut us down.  However after we moved a couple of cars and Scott Lyons produced all the necessary paperwork we needed to show we had all our ducks in a row, we were back to wakeboarding.  With Zach White on the mic and HO Joe setting up Hyperlite boards as fast as he could everyone was enjoying the event.  Thanks to our sponsors we were able to raffle off tons of prizes and most riders did not go home empty handed.   Another highlight of the day was watching the “Skinny Guys” dominate the the Tug-O-War competition, sorry but we missed getting any pics or video.  As everyone got there fill of the Hyperlite gear it looked it was time to start the Osmosis Apparel Double Up Contest.  With a $250 price purse on the line, we shifted some weight in the boat and Dewey headed out to plan is Double Up driving strategy, but Mantua Police had not given up.  Since there attempts to shut us down on land failed there next plan of attack was to bust us on the water.  Mantua Chief of Police went under cover, posing as an over weight biker, rolled up on his Harley taking interesting in our activities, eventually working his way to dock, pulling a badge out of his pocket and removed Dewey from the boat.  Time for a little lesson in Utah Boating Laws:

Utah’s Speed and Proximity Law requires boaters to operate their vessel at a wakeless speed when they are within 150 feet of another boat, a person in the water or who is being towed by another boat, shore anglers, launch ramps and docks, designated swimming areas, or whenever in a wakeless speed zone.

To make a long story short, Dewey got a ticket, the Double Up Contest got delayed about 30 minutes, but we were not stopping.  Dewey jumped back into boat with his new found knowledge of “Speed Proximity” and the Double Up Contest was on it’s way.  Because of the delay there was only enough time for each rider to get one attempt at the meaty Double Ups behind the 22 Supra.  With about 4 riders left to go it looked like Scott Lyons was going to walk home with $250, being the only rider to land his trick with a huge HS 360.  As Chad Christensen came down from a Big HS Grabbed Front to Fakie he could not hold on for what mite have made him $250 richer.  As the sun faded there was only one more rider left who could challenge Scott for the prize.  As Braxton Tomlinson cut into the wake everyone watched to see what he would attempted, he exploded off the wake throwing a Huge Indy Glide landing super clean and $250 richer.

Thanks to Box Elder County for getting us a solid food vendor to keep everyone on the beach hunger free and Monster Energy for keeping everyone hydrated.  Thanks for all the raffle prizes from YEP Boarding, Marine Products, Solar Precision, Osmosis Clothing, Rockwell Watches, Hyperlite, Skull Candy, & Gorilla Bars.

Also thanks to Dewey, OMJ, Scott Bagley, & Jason Coop for driving all day & to HO Joe for driving out from California with all the Hyperlite gear for us to try.



View & Purchase High Quality copies of all the Hyperlite Meltdown pictures at Overboard Photography.