This, That, & Sum [Updated]

I know that it  may seem quiet around here but I can assure you lots is going on and I hope everyone is out enjoying there time on the water, because the fun is just getting started.

First off a couple of event updates;  On July 28 there will be an “Official” RRWP Grand Opening Party.  The Rail Jam is now invite only.  The Wakeology Wake Dance is now scheduled for Aug 25 and will still be held at Last Chance Lakes.  Stay tuned for more info on both.

Next and VERY IMPORTANT, we have been working hard to adjust the Rider Divisions & Judging Guidelines for Wake Utah presented competitions and they are almost ready to be released to you guys.  We have made a number of changes, that we feel will help level the playing field and help promote proper progression.  PLEASE make sure you review these before registering for the Monster Wake Up.

Also keep checking the site for Monster Wake Up Registration it will be available before the weekend and spots will be extremely limited.