Antelope Point Cable Summer Sickness Series

Our friends down south at Antelope Point Marina have teamed up with Guidance Aviation and are offering a $1000 cash prize to the 1st place winner in the PRO DIVISION for each of the first 3 of there cable wakeboard competitions this summer. You must compete in at least one of those competitions to qualify for the August 31st final competition and the cash prize of $5045 for pro division!!!

Division breakdown

Under 12

13 and over
This division is open to riders who are not yet doing inverts. Riders in this division are typically doing 1 wake jumps, surface tricks and working on wake to wake jumps.

Jr Men’s

Open (Pro)
Anyone who’s up to the challenge.
Open or Pro will be paid, but if a Jr rides in Open, they may not ride in Jr’s.
(1st Place $1000 Cash Prize) (1st Place $5045 August 31st Comp.)

34 and over

This division is open to women of all ages. This division allows women to compete without feeling pressure to compete against the men. Women who are performing multiple inverts are encouraged to compete in one of the non-gender specific division. This will help to push their riding skills.

Download the Registration Packet: HERE

For more info visit the Antelope Point Website