3rd Annual Pre Wake Up Sunset Surf Session Demo Event

We are at it again. REGISTRATION is open and extremely limited! Closed water (no other wallies to deal with) beach PARTY, Lucky Slice Pizza included, Music, Slip n’ Slide,  and incredible raffle!


Then Stay the Night with UtahLodging.com use (CODE: WAKE2017 for special rates}

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  • ClubRec-Without the Paul, Casey, Levi and their crew. These events don’t happen. Their unique relationships with USFS, Weber County and AL&L allow us the opportunities to own the land and water footprint on a very busy public reservoir to do these events as environmentally correct as possible for riders and audience. http://www.clubrecnorth.com
  • WakeUtah-These guys are lazer focused on maintaining and growing wakesports culture in Mountain West and the OG presenters of the Wake UP. They run the Tige Wake UP Tournament and registration for the whole weekend as well as being support promoters for The RMWSO and other all events in the region. www.wakeutah.com
  • All-Actionsports.com-Tony and Gina Duffy are fans of action sports and work hard to build communities, commerce and benefit cause around the things they love. They drive marketing, sponsorship and event production for these event equities.
  • AD Triple S Motorsports- They have been involved since the very beginning of the Wake Up some 8 years ago. They provide “wheels” for the wake events getting people and materials around the site with their RZR and CanAm products, PWC’s for rider p/u and transfer, demos, prizes and tireless labor to help us make these happen. http://www.adsmotorsports.com
  • Jones Shirts and Signs- Sponsors the trophies and event apparel. They rock! If you need 1 or 1000 of anything made (by tomorrow) they can do it. True Story. http://www.shirtsnsigns.com
  • Utah Lodging- Houses the traveling crews as a sponsor and provides discounted lodging for all those coming in for the events. No hotels in the valley so vacation homes and condos are the way and they manage a ton of beautiful places to stay in the valley only minutes from the event site. www.utahlodging.com (See codes above for discounts each event weekend)
  • Intellibed- Have you seen or better yet gotten to lay on one of these? This Gel Matrix tech is incredible. Testimonial: We have a topper and pillows now and sleep better than ever before. They are onboard for the first time this year providing a full queen bed set up for each event weekend in our rad raffle (value over $4k per). Someone will be super lucky and they will have demo products on site. Perfect for resting your weary action/adventure body. http://www.intellibed.com
  • Pepsi/Admiral Beverage Corporation- We are stoked to have the Pepsi Posse onboard again this year to keep our thirst quenched with their portfolio of products, promotional support and energy!
  • Powder Mountain- Name says it all. We are stoked to have them out each year to pop a tent and support the cross over athletes that call Pineview home in summer and PM their winter riding mecca. We will have a very limited season pass for each event weekend from them in our raffle. Stoketastic. www.powdermountain.com
  • SMITH Optics- These guys and gals area amazing providing loads of product to fuel our raffle efforts from sunnies to goggles to brain buckets. They are amazing contributors and supporters of all we do across seasons. With one of their main production facilities right here in Utah, we are blessed to have support from this global eye and head protection leader www.smithoptics.com
  • Visit Ogden- The convention and visitors bureau for Weber County has helped us promote, align and find resources to grow these event properties annually. They get what we are doing to build on our passion for action and the outdoors. www.visitogden.com
  • Sideshow Vintage Photobooth- Wait till you see this thing. Full of props and ridiculousness to take you back to the fifties and beach blanket bingo! They will be on site with photo sessions to win in the raffles and pay to play so make sure you gather your friends and do a shoot in this one of a kind mobile time machine. http://www.photosideshow.com/
  • Mountain Ridge Helicopters- Come fly the simulator at the Wake UP and get in on the raffle for a chance to win a real introductory flight training experience! This is the second year for MRH to be with us!
  • Sheshreds.co-With a global community of female action sports athletes, they have been sponsoring the female divisions of these events and have crew coming in from all over to compete in both event weekends! Purveyor of inspiration and supplies for female action/adventure sports athletes. Since 2013. www.sheshreds.co
  • Brigade Wakesurfing- This brand and crew are core, fun and progressive. Their boards on point. We are stoked for all the energy they put into growing wakesurfing, supporting our events, athletes and you could win a board in our raffle at the RMWSO! https://www.brigadewakesurfing.com
  • Liquid Force- Chris P. has been a driving force behind The Wake UP since inception. LF provides the robust prizing for the podiums at The Wake UP. A full quiver for the sunset demo and you might win some LF Schwag in the raffle. This again not possible without their help from the beginning. http://www.liquidforce.com
  • Park City Television- Has been a big supporter for years and this year an official media partner. We will be filming live at each event weekend to create “mini” action sports shows for airing and distribution to their partner constellation of networks across the country.  Smile for the camera ya’ll! http://www.parkcity.tv
  • Flowrider/Surf Ogden- The indoor wave will never let you down on a rainy day! They have been sponsors for a few years now and we work with them ongoing to keep everyone riding sideways. Come by their tent and try the board trainer and you might win some VIP passes to the wave in our raffles
  • Beyond Coastal- Because we don’t want you to burn. Natural and Active Suncare products. The real deal for your action adventure livefstyle! They are sponsoring this year’s events and will have a pop up store and goodies in the raffle!
  • Chums- Helping you hang since 1983. We are stoked to have them and their custom products on site this year. You might get yourself some in the raffle custom branded just for the events! https://www.chumssafety.com/
  • Good Vibes Jewelry- With us through all seasons and voted best artist during the Indie Ogden Awards this year. Her line of jewelry and simple message matches our intentions. Nothing but Good Vibes….Check out her pop up store at the event and you just might win a custom piece in the raffle. http://goodvibesjewelry.bigcartel.com/
  • Ogden Blue- Provides our print needs each season. All formats from full wall print application to flyers.  http://www.ogdenblue.com/
  • Blackburn Jones Insurance-  We insure multiple boats, toys and trucks with them and they have generously helped us out this year!  http://www.blackburnjones.com/
  • Diode Optics-  Want awesome shades but tend to be thrifty and lose a lot of shades? Diodes are priced right and will be onsite and in our raffle! http://www.diodeoptics.com/
  • Mountainside Wake School- These guys will help you dial up your game. True pros and passionate practitioners of the wake sports.  Book a clinic or you just might win one in our raffles!  www.mountainsidewake.com
  • Lucky Slice- Epic Pizza! Insane support for the action sports community in N. Utah and beyond. Stoked to have them as the official food vendor of the Wake UP Weekend! If you have not had it…just wait and you might win a slice too! Peace, Love and Pizza http://www.theluckyslice.com/
  • Wing Stop- Mmmmmm! Wings and More! A great menu on hand for the RMWSO weekend! GET AT IT!
  • Subzero- Will be onsite with some cool treats for the Tige Wake UP!
  • Tru-Strength Fabrication-Will be onsite for the RMWSO with some wake shaping products we are anxious to see and demo.