Wake in the Woods – Results

Beginners podium

1-Caden Handley
2-Taylor Christensen
3- Wade Dority

Intermediate Podium

1-Quinn Clyde
2-Chase McCaughay
3-Rad Gladfelder

Ladies Podium

1-Katie Read
2-Lindsay Lawlor
3-Channing Seeholzer

Advanced Podium

1-Kolton Barney
2-Chance Bird
3-Justin Cox

Outlaw Podium

1-Andrew Wallace
2-Marc Glover
3-Cole Wadsworth


The Big Winners!

As usual, Wake in the Woods tuned out to be a great contest. It got a bit breezy a few times, noticed only by the spectators who had to chase their canopies down the hill and into the water. The water, however, was not affected too much. A little rippley, but not bad at all, the whole day. I even heard a few say that this was the best water for a comp all year. It was a pretty good sized run which was entirely viewable from the seating area. Wake in the Woods is always a good time. Thanks to all the riders, friends and family, The Glovester for towing up the boat, dudes on the mic, judges, drivers, and Tim along with all who helped set up for putting on an awesome event.

A huge and special thanks from Tim to all those who contributed: Al’s Sporting Goods, Utah Watersports, Juniper Take Out, Camp Chef, Liquid Force, Skull Candy Reef, Spy, Anon, DC, Hyperlite, Smith, Lynn’s Audio & Video, Renegade Sports, Cache Honda Yamaha, GearGenius, Logo Shop, Straight Line, Red Bull, and everyone else that made this event possible. Major props to WakeUtah for keeping wakeboarding in Utah cool and helping us spread the good word and love for the water.
(Special note from Dewey – Nice work from the WakeUtah riders. Way to represent. That’s how to bring the awesome!)