As seen on Wake World brings us “The Latest in Wake” (news). ‘ Water Park Rail Jam’. (To view the full article click here, or link above) If you are a Wake World viewer and rider, welcome. Please, feel free to browse around and check out the Utah riding scene. Click on the various pictures and videos to see more of what we are … Read More

WakeUtah Wakeboard Tips with Park City TV

Team Wake Utah recently had the opportunity to ride with Park City TV for a segment about ‘Wakeboard Tips’. With the help of local riders; Ward White, Phil Chadwick, Marc Glover, and WakeUtah’s own James Kleinschnitz, we were able to film three separate pieces. During this session we worked on the heel side wake jump, backside 180’s, and the heel side front flip (View … Read More Featured Rider (Sept) D.F.T.R. Josh

Featured Rider For September is D.F.T.R. Josh I had the opportunity to go riding with Josh on one of his Monday sessions, watching him ride and landing his moves, it was like watching someone ride who is just barely learning a new trick.  He got a big old grin after each trick, you can tell this guy just loves to … Read More

Dewey’s Rail Jam II Recap

For some it started with a four drive from Vegas, while others made the 2 hour drive from Salt Lake, but once you got to Delta everyone had the same goal, to conquer the sixty foot rail that stood perched outside of the Webster’s house. Those who decided to come up the night before were rewarded with a night session … Read More

WakeUtah’s Featured Rider (August): Kolton Barney

Kolton Barney is one of those guys who is good at almost everything he does. He is an accomplished Moto Cross rider who is usually top five amongst his intermediate class, with a few podium finishes. Kolton can shred the sloped on a winter board. He has also been known, in his past, to bang on a few drums, winning a few … Read More

Wake in the Woods – Results

Beginners: 1-Caden Handley 2-Taylor Christensen 3- Wade Dority Intermediate: 1-Quinn Clyde 2-Chase McCaughay 3-Rad Gladfelder Ladies: 1-Katie Read 2-Lindsay Lawlor 3-Channing Seeholzer Advanced: 1-Kolton Barney 2-Chance Bird 3-Justin Cox Outlaw: 1-Andrew Wallace 2-Marc Glover 3-Cole Wadsworth The Big Winners! As usual, Wake in the Woods tuned out to be a great contest. It got a bit breezy a few times, … Read More

July 23 East Canyon Zotes Practice Session [Update]

The WakeUtah crew will be on hand Weds Afternoon July 23, starting around 2:30 pm to pull practice sessions at East Canyon before the IWA Tournament on Thurs July 24. We will be pulling with a Supra, so come get use to the wake before your tournament run on Thurs. We will do our best to give everyone who comes … Read More

WakeUtah’s Featured Rider (July): Ryan Webster

July’s featured rider is Ryan Webster, Ryan Webster has been on the scene wakeboarding for a few years and is always progressing, both himself and the sport. An eager rider who does it for the love of wakeboarding, Ryan makes residence in Delta, Utah where he lives on “The Res” with his family who are extremely supportive of not only … Read More

WakeUtah’s Featured Rider (June): Marc Glover

Marc Glover is an enthusiastic young rider who is consistently rising amongst the local scene. He has won and placed in countless different events; including placing third, outlaw division, at the most recent IWA stop at Yuba, and first place in the 19 and under category at Idaho’s first rail jam, Wake in the Park, put on by Idaho Watersports. … Read More