WakeUtah’s Featured Rider (August): Kolton Barney

Kolton Barney is one of those guys who is good at almost everything he does. He is an accomplished Moto Cross rider who is usually top five amongst his intermediate class, with a few podium finishes. Kolton can shred the sloped on a winter board. He has also been known, in his past, to bang on a few drums, winning a few local competitions, including the Utah Talent Competition.

Luckily for WakeUtah, his friends and family, and all the bro’s he rides with, Kolton jumped on a wakeboard a few years back. After taking top honors in the IWA intermediate class last year, Kolton has moved up to the advanced class where his winning streak continues. After a gnarly crash at the Yuba stop, Kolton took care of Saratoga Springs winning first place. He then took 5th at East Canyon and 3rd at the most recent Idaho Boardstock. His winnings include 1st place at Wake in the Woods.

Kolton is continuing to progress and gain his style. He has a huge tantrum, crazy twisted up shifty, a bunch of grab variations, and loves to spin, usually throwing back to back heel and toe 3’s. Kolton is also starting to throw down on the rail scene. He keeps it clean to the end of every rail, even the new 60 foot Delta Res monster, and is now starting to learn a new move every session. Kolton is all ready starting to put the steeze on, way out on the nose and tail.

Kolton is an upbeat person who has a good time out on the water. He is easy to get along with, and loves to take people out on the boat, especially the ladies. Kolton enjoys meeting, riding, and learning from fellow riders, and is more than willing to take anyone out and even teach them a few things. Make sure to keep an eye on Kolton, who will be bringing the awesome to all the local events and rail jams. Introduce yourself or give him a shout and take a session, it will be good times.



Name – Kolton Barney

Age – 18

Sponsors – WakeUtah

Board Set Up – LF Lyman 135 with LF Watson Special Edition Bindings

Hobbies other than wake sports – Moto Cross, Snowboarding, Pretty much anything that involves the outdoors

Biggest Accomplishments – Winning IWA Intermediate Division last year, all my podium finishes this year, but most of all the progression I have had on the water and on the sliders this season

Goals this Season – Keep developing my style by going back to the basics to clean up my tricks, going bigger with a few big floaty 180’s. I’m also working on a heel side front flip

Favorite Pro and Local Riders – Lyman, Greenwood, Murray, Rathy / Marc Glover, Braxton Tomlinson, Brothers Bagley

Favorite Trick to watch and perform – Kgb’s, Tantrum to blind, big floaty tricks with hanging grabs / shifty, spins, big indy tantrum

What is it about wakeboarding? Wakeboarding has a real mellow vibe. It’s all about having a good time with friends hanging out on the boat. All the self progression while riding. It makes you open yourself and you mind. When you go big it feels sick.

What do you like about the local scene? It has introduced me to a great group of friendly people and riders. Everyone feeds off each other and gets ideas from each other. Riding with the local community is making us better riders, and friends.

Who do you ride with? Marc Glover, Colton Brockbank, Ethen Roberts, D.C. Bateman, any and all locals, more everyday, and Dewey the rail man of course